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5 Reasons You’re Single

Being single can be an enjoyable time in one’s life. It’s a chance to build yourself, have fun and learn who you are. That said, however, there is nothing worse than being single when you don't want to be. For those of you who are struggling to find love, it can be...

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5 Ways to Master Your Flirting Game

Flirting is a great way of showing someone that you are romantically interested in them. But if you can’t help but use cheesy chat up lines, cringy comments, and creepy advances, the chances of you scoring a date are slim to none at best. A personal development...

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5 Ways Men Can Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Despite its importance to their everyday lives, not many men are getting the right amount of sleep at night. Not only does sleep increase their energy levels and productivity, but it makes men look fresher and improves their mood. A personal development consultant,...

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Who Are You Without Your Body

Who are you without your body? How much does it define you? How much do you let it? In a world of social media, we are flooded with fitness journeys and new diets every time we log on and it’s easy to get caught up in, and for some, the effects of being bombarded with...

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Relationship Tips

How to Attract your Perfect Partner If you want to be lucky in love, then here’s how to create your luck with practical, surface-level action and with embodied, deeper-level awareness. Some Surface Level Stuff Here are some basic, practical tips to attract gold,...

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‘The Game’: players, prostitutes, lads and ladies of the night

When Lauren asked if she could kiss me, I instinctively said “no” and tagged another guy to take my place in the scene – a snog was far too ‘in your face’ for my liking, and definitely too intimate for happily married me.

A couple of scenes later, I knew Russell was in trouble when I saw his top lip quiver and the blood rushing to his face. He was enacting a violent bedroom scene with Gemma, strangling her with his left arm while pretending to penetrate her from behind. The director stopped the scene and I allowed Russell to ‘tag me in’ as his replacement to complete the scene. Gemma was naked, but I remained fully clothed throughout the play, as did the four other male volunteers.

‘The Game’ is an incredible live show, in which scenes from the real life stories of six prostitutes are played to the audience. The male characters are all played by non-actors, who…

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10 Tips for the Maturing Male

Here are the top ten things that surprised me about ageing:

I can get away with flirting, challenging, questioning, laying boundaries, being cheeky and giving compliments like I’d never imagined! I wonder whether it’s my tone, my attitude, or that I’m no longer seen as a horny young man just trying to get a leg over, or whether it’s my new found mature confidence. Whatever it is, I love it! I make eye contact, lower my voice, take my time, tilt my head downwards slightly while my eyeballs look up, and I raise an eyebrow – it works a treat!

Tip: Take a breath, take a chance, hold the space and play – lovingly.

I thought my flossing technique had improved because I could feel more between my teeth. It turned out to be receding gums!

Tip: Take care of your gums and teeth, and go to the dentist to check for gum disease. Floss and brush twice a day and if you smoke – stop it!

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MAN UP! How to grow from suffering in silence to connecting with confidence

BBC3 Online recently released a powerful four minute documentary called “It’s Tough Being A Man”. It’s about depression in men and how men stay silent about it.

I was happy to be one of the men filmed for this documentary because I strongly support the message that we need to change the culture of secrecy that exists around men’s mental health issues. I’ve had to deal with my own mental health issues, when I was younger, and I was able to draw on this experience for the documentary.

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