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can you buy Lyrica from canada

  • This event has passed.

Buy Lyrica 300 mg online uk, Cheap Lyrica canada

Buy Lyrica 300 mg online uk, Cheap Lyrica canada


Buy Lyrica 300 mg online uk, Cheap Lyrica canada

Today we’re celebrating International Men’s Day!

Transform the shadows of your psyche into the gold of walking a conscious path, as we sit in a circle of men, listen to ourselves and one another, get real, hang out and gain authentic feedback to keep life on track.

  • We share stories and insights, questions and quests, learning from one another and moving forward on our pathways with aware confidence.
  • We read between the lines and spot life’s messages, any unconscious patterns and scripts that might be playing out, so we can live beyond the same old story and attract new opportunities to knock on our doors.
  • Our space is a safe, confidential, check-in (you can say “Pass” when it’s your turn, so no pressure) providing invaluable insights, tools and techniques for daily life.

Members £18.00,  Non-Members £20.00

Please be early or on time. Open groups can not be disrupted 10 minutes after they’ve begun.


19th November 2015
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Event Category:
buy Lyrica in uk
buy Lyrica india


The College of Psychic Studies
020 7589 3292
buy Lyrica in thailand


The College of Psychic Studies
16 Queensberry Place
London, SW7 2EB United Kingdom
buy Lyrica in ireland
020 7589 3292
buy Lyrica in thailand

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