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Mail order Lyrica, Buy Lyrica tablets

Mail order Lyrica, Buy Lyrica tablets


Mail order Lyrica, Buy Lyrica tablets

Hang out, get real, share life’s highs, lows and lessons with other women & Kenny

Regular meetings of women, sitting in a circle and sharing stories and situations towards learning from one another and moving forward. (Facilitated by Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz, a married man who’se been running groups for 19 years).

We do open rounds of questions, we listen, get real, hang out and (respectfully) have a laugh… The funniest stories can provide the most valuable insights! You can either join in honestly, or say “Pass” when it’s your turn. This is the ideal place to gain feedback and keep life on track.

n.b. This is not a therapy group, not an encounter group, not a victim group; not a group for or against men or women, not a religious group, not a political group, not a group of anything apart from whatever the women present bring to it.

Up to 12 women per group, mainly 30s-60s though 18-80+ at times. If you’re lost / going to be late, please let me know, though the doors close at 7.10pm.

Tel: 07957 350034

Email: kenny(@)

Gather at 6.45pm, for a 7pm Start, Doors Close 7.10pm – Ends 9.30pm

We’re in the upper turret room, up the stairs near the office – unless signposted at the entrance lobby.

nb The Pirate Castle is a community centre NOT A PUB!


17th June 2015
6:45 pm - 9:30 pm
Event Category:
buy Lyrica in uk
buy Lyrica india


The Pirate Castle
Oval Road Gilbey's Wharf, Camden Town
London, NW1 7EA United Kingdom
buy Lyrica in thailand

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