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Here’s a recent testimonial from one of my clients, JD. He started out attending my men’s groups and then did some one-on-one work with me. “It’s been a week since we dialogued with my ‘inner man’ and rebalanced my composite, dominating parts and...

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Do you remember learning to ride a bike? I do. Mark Rogers from no. 25 taught me in our street, in front of all the neighbours. I remember the moment of panic as I suddenly realised that I was riding on my own, without stabilisers or Mark holding on to the back of my...

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Last month my best friends and I gathered around a TV set and watched ourselves die! Not literally, but our egos took a bashing as our shadows were paraded on Channel 4’s Cutting Edge documentary ‘The Secret Life of The Pub’. We were asked to reveal what’s...

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I spent many hours chatting to ‘Newsweek’ journalist Finlay Young, even before he joined in one of our men’s groups. Fin had asked if he could meet up for help with a ‘Newsweek’ cover story article he’s writing. They quoted me, with a picture, plus wrote ‘The...

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Kenny D’Cruz shares how his honeymoon took an unexpected turn when he was racially abused in front of his new wife. “Did I call you a liar? At least I’m not a ni**er and I work for a living!” was my Italian wife’s first real racist ‘attack’, behind my back, from the...

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