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Here are the top ten things that surprised me about ageing: Flirting I can get away with flirting, challenging, questioning, laying boundaries, being cheeky and giving compliments like I’d never imagined! I wonder whether it’s my tone, my attitude, or that I’m no...

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BBC3 Online recently released a powerful four minute documentary called “It’s Tough Being A Man”. It’s about depression in men and how men stay silent about it. I was happy to be one of the men filmed for this documentary because I strongly support the message that we...

buy Lyrica in ireland

Last month my best friends and I gathered around a TV set and watched ourselves die! Not literally, but our egos took a bashing as our shadows were paraded on Channel 4’s Cutting Edge documentary ‘The Secret Life of The Pub’. We were asked to reveal what’s...

can you buy Lyrica in mexico

I spent many hours chatting to ‘Newsweek’ journalist Finlay Young, even before he joined in one of our men’s groups. Fin had asked if he could meet up for help with a ‘Newsweek’ cover story article he’s writing. They quoted me, with a picture, plus wrote ‘The...

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Originally published in my ‘Changing Times’ Column in 2006 This will be the third time I’ve had to deal with that pesky chest hair that so loudly contrasts all the others. I’ve treated it with far more respect than last months discovery: a grey pube which...

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‘Changing Times’ Column 2006 – 2007 Have you noticed that when women speak, they sit facing one another; where when men speak, we generally face the same direction, discussing someone or something other than ourselves? Male eye contact, in our society, is...

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