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MenSpeak Radio is my monthly radio program is broadcast live from London’s New River Studios, on 199radio. I spin some tunes and wag some chin with one or two special guests each week. We’ll mostly be talking about the aspects of my guest’s life to do with their personal and emotional growth, mental health, and issues around being a man in our modern society.

22/11/18 – MenSpeak Radio

MenSpeak Radio back in the studio, this time with a special guest, personal trainer Paul Harrild. The theme of the show is “Man up and talk about it”, with advice on how to get real and look life in the eye.

30/08/18 – Men Speak Radio

Kenny Mammarella – D’Cruz invites special guest Roland Chesters to discuss his new book “Ripples from the Edge of Life”. The book tackles issues around mental health and life after being diagnosed HIV positive.

02/08/18 – Men Speak Radio

From Depression to Expression Featuring MenSpeak Creative Director And Digital Maestro Bertie Harriman-Smith. Men Speak Radio, opening up and talking about how we all need to be there for each other.

05/07/18 – Men Speak Radio

Kenny’s back with Men Speak Radio, this time he’s speaking with Lau Guerrero about friendship and acceptance.

14/06/18 – MenSpeak Radio feat. special guest Jack Peterson

Join us for an incredibly important and thought provoking episode, discussing the community of ‘incels’ that have recently found a voice online, with real world impacts. MenSpeak Radio is joined by very special guest Jack Peterson, live via video link from the US.

12/04/18 – MenSpeak Radio w/ Johann Hari

MenSpeak Radio discussing the important issues that surround men’s wellbeing and mental health. This month they talk with The New York Times bestselling author Johann Hari and discuss his new book Lost Connections!

15/03/18 – Men Speak Radio

Men Speak Radio – Paul Harrild discussing topics with various guests, alongside a selection of memorable music. This week he talks about his life experiences growing up, losing a father, violence, council estate living and his path to becoming a man.


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