MenSpeak Radio

MenSpeak Radio, my monthly radio program is broadcast live from London’s New River Studios, on 199radio. I spin some tunes and wag some chin with one or two special guests each week. We’ll mostly be talking about the aspects of my guest’s life to do with their personal and emotional growth, mental health, and issues around being a man in our modern society.

Here are the full episodes, to date:

Adam & Kenny2018 05 10

Special Guest: Adam Woods
writer/director. We talk to Adam about his life as the son of a spy. We also talk to an expert on prostrate cancer.
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2018 04 12

Special Guest: Johann Hari
Best-selling author of Lost Connections – Uncovering the real causes of depression.
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2018 03 15

Special Guest: Paul Harrild
Personal Trainer and founder of 5e Coaching
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2018 02 15

Special Guest: Lee Walton
Pianist, composer and cancer survivor.
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