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I just got home, wearing nothing but a Mac! I was walking along the canal in London’s Camden Town, my head down as I chatted with my fiancé and our friend after her first Mixed Group with us. As we strolled along the canal a couple of young men cut between them and I....

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‘Changing Times’ Column 2006 – 2007 I used to be a ‘toxic boy’. What a buzz. I loved it! I used to be a workaholic. On the edge, deadlines, clients, meetings, staff, planning, being ‘the star’, leaping around like a mad monkey on heat and being adored for...

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‘Changing Times’ Column 2006 – 2007 Football fanatics, health clubs, wealth clubs, men’s groups, Masons, jocks, pretty boys with designer gear, skinheads, yuppies, cyber folk in virtual relationships, family, the 12-Step tribe, the victim tribe (quite...

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‘Changing Times’ Column 2006 – 2007 Is there such a thing as good or bad energy? Or is energy… everything. The magical raw material from which we manifest our feelings and fears. It’s up to us what we do with our energy. How we spend and expend,...

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‘Changing Times’ Column 2006 – 2007 I flew to Goa to touch my ancestral roots; and help my parents convert a concrete shell into a cozy retirement flat. Surrounded by workmen and an early, global-warming heat-wave, temperatures rose, tempers flared...

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