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lightbulbAs a child, I loved to untangle string.

As an adult, I love to untangle what makes people tick:

  • What you believe about yourself.
  • Where these beliefs came from.
  • How you can unravel it all and truly come alive – and shine!

I believe that we create our reality based on how we view our past and this dictates our present. Not the logical details behind stories of what might have taken place, but your experience of your life.

Updating these beliefs takes simple inner exploration: looking inside and updating truths, values and core motivations, whilst unlearning limiting beliefs.

Once you’ve recovered your truth, you get to either live you new story, in-line with who you really are, or to follow your safe old story that you’re possibly living right now, stuck in an old groove.

Which option do you really want to take?

If you’re ready for Plan A, then check out my Personal Discovery Questionnaire and let’s look at working together.

Why choose to work with me?

This is where I guess you’d expect me to tell you about how I’ll come riding in on my white charger, saving the day and changing your life, isn’t it?

I’m not going to do that. Why?

Because some people actually believe that one session with me and things will ‘change forever’. The truth is, that’s possible, often more than one session, but your life changing forever is put in your hands. You follow through, listen to the recordings and just respond in the present moment, like I’ll show you. You get empowered and I support you.

Also I think my clients can tell you about the impact I’ve had on their lives more powerfully than I ever could. See how my twenty five years of experience has been passed on, by reading and watching my testimonials.

Instead I’d like to talk about you. The issues you’re facing. The parts of your life that you truly want to change, heal and transcend.

Working with me will turn your awareness around, but you need follow through to keep the magic working. That’s why all our sessions are recorded.

So, how does it work?

Firstly, you do the same self-exploration by completing my Personal Discovery Questionnaire.

Then we choose the time and the place to get things moving:

  • Your home.
  • Your workplace.
  • A hired room. (I’ve let go of my expensive Harley Street room!)
  • Walking in the forest.
  • Via Skype.
  • Or anonymously through the Internet.

This is where we work together to unravel your ball of potential. You can truly own your life’s story and uncover it’s hidden gifts as the pieces of the puzzle fall together. Follow through and you will life beyond your wildest dreams, living happily ever now.

All sessions are recorded for your reference (unless you prefer otherwise). Our work together is strictly confidential. It can be intense. It provides clarity for incredible self-empowerment as pennies drop and you live the life of a truly free man.


It’s not all about where you came from, it’s more about where you want to go

I’ve been put through the ringer in my life and I managed to turn it all around, implementing my simple tools that I’m going to share with you. They’re the same tools that I’ve shared with many lost boys who have turned into self-respecting men. Read about them here.

Some of my favourite tools:

Holistic Counselling / Coaching / Mentoring: I use these skills to bring out the best in you. We locate your depressed ‘pause buttons’ from past experiences. These stuck places are followed to their source, released and your script updated. You are set free to live the life you’re here for – and so much more! I’ll support you with practical, conscious steps to achieve your ambitions and goals.

Non-Violent Communication: I guide you to reframe how you express yourself, allowing space for change beyond previous restriction. We engage with others by focusing on what we’re: observing, feeling, needing and requesting in four simple steps, all expressed unconditionally and with true connection to each other:

  1. “When you…”
  2. “I feel…”
  3. “I need…”
  4. “Would you be willing to…”

Parenting: We naturally want the best for our children. I share simple skills for you to discover who your children really are and nurture their stages of challenge and growth.

Active listening, descriptive praise and communicating with clear boundaries are basic tools that I use to ensure success. Your family will have space to breathe, calmly function and share special moments, as well as play and celebrate effort and success.

I use these tools for bed time boundaries and boardroom bullies alike. I learned them from my esteemed friends at The New Learning Centre.

I don’t have the words to express to you how much I am thankful for the new ideas and perspectives that you gave me so that I may understand myself and life better.

AS, 27

Fine Artist

Life Purpose and Passion

Have you outgrown your life? Do you feel like you haven’t quite started yet? Not sure what to do next? Having trouble finding your passion and purpose?

Whether it’s time for the next rung on your career ladder, or you’re transitioning out of a high flying professional career into running your own show with a mission, I can help you gain clarity and take purposeful, grounded steps to turn your dreams into a way of life.

Find out More…

Wealth Embarrassment

Do you find your wealth to be more than a little embarrassing?

It may be something that you’ve struggled to come to terms with all your life. It may be an inherited issue, or it may be a new issue that needs to be accepted and managed with sensitivity.

Do you have an urge to fulfil overwhelming expectations, self-imposed or otherwise? Such a constant burden can seriously restrict freedom, passion and the basic space for you to be who you truly are.

You will no longer feel owned by your wealth. Instead you will be free to express yourself safely, authentically and with a genuine joie de vivre.

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Relationship Development

If you’re looking to find a loving partner, then I can help you clear the psychological and emotional blocks that are probably stopping love from happening.

I can also help you transform current relationship challenges into self-awareness and passion.

Relationship issues with parents, siblings, children, business / romantic partners and other key players in your life can all be explored, finding peace and balance.

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Mid-Life Crisis

There may come a time in your life when you start questioning whether you’ve travelled down the right road.

You may be:

  • Bored of your career path.
  • Relationships may have grown stale.
  • Dreams may remain unfulfilled.
  • Or worse, you may have achieved them all only to find that they didn’t satisfy you.

Is it time to make some changes and take part in the life you were born to live? Do your commitments feel like restrictions? Is it time for a re-evaluation and more space for you? Does it feel like time is suddenly running out?

Welcome to your mid-life crisis! Now lets take stock and turn things around, realistically and sensitivity.

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