Personal Development for Personal Trainers

Are you a PT who wants more from your life & a healthy business?

I’ll be running an ongoing course/mastermind-group for personal trainers on Tuesday afternoons, starting on July 4th.

While I’ll be the main facilitator, I’m very pleased to have as my co-facilitator, Paul Harrild, a successful personal trainer.

The focus will be on the psychological issues involved with being a personal trainer and how those issues affect your personal wellbeing and the success of your business. This is a mix of course and mastermind-group. There will be a structure with planned topics, but that structure will be flexible so that we can respond to the needs of the participants, and handle the real life issues that you may be encountering at the time.

You will gain:

  • greater awareness and understanding of the issues, as well as
  • tips and strategies for dealing with them,

so that you can become a better, more successful personal trainer and a happier person.

We’ll cover four broad areas:

  • The personal trainer’s issues
  • The client’s issues
  • Issues arising from the relationship between client and personal trainer
  • How it all impacts your business including:
    – How to attract the clients you want.
    – How to serve them better.
    – How to grow a sustainable business.

This course/mastermind-group will help you differentiate yourself from other personal trainers, by helping you gain the skills to handle the emotional and psychological aspects of your client interactions. It will add a valuable string to your bow, that will help you better serve and retain your clients.


WHAT: Personal / Professional Development discussions (feel free to bring your lunch)
Facilitator: Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz
Co-facilitator: Paul Harrild
WHEN: Every Tuesday (from 4th July)
TIME: 2:30pm – 4:30pm
WHERE: Central YMCA Club,
112 Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury,
London WC1B 3NQ (Tottenham Court Rpad tube)
Not in London? We’ll be running an online version, as soon as we get enough people wanting it, so tell me you’re interested.
PRICE: £25
Register through our page:



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Topics Covered

Here are some more examples of topics we’ll be covering:

  • How to have no competition by owning your niche
  • How to find your niche
  • How to grow a sustainable business
  • What are your goals as a personal trainer?
  • Any plans beyond / alongside personal training?
  • How to get clients to commit to their sessions
  • Letting clients go
  • Facing the fear(s) of losing clients
  • Why do clients choose you to be their personal trainer?
  • Why do clients not choose you to be their personal trainer?
  • What do most of your clients have in common?
  • How do you relate to your ideal clients?
  • How do you relate to clients who you may not really like / respect as people?
  • How to be you and extend yourself to your clients, rather than being who they want you to be?
  • How to listen to their banter and personal debriefs – and train as well
  • How to deal with emotionally charged clients
  • How to deal with dominant / flirtatious / problem clients or clients who force a roll on you
  • How to deal with non-compliant clients
  • How to deal with clients with social / emotional / mental / attitudinal issues
  • How to deal with clients who fall in love with you / over step boundaries
  • What’s your / your client’s relationship to Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)?
  • What’s your / your client’s relationship to food and nutrition?
  • When a personal trainer does what a client wants – they’re performing
    When a personal trainer does what a client needs – they’re helping them achieve their goals
    which have you been and why?


Facilitator: Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz

I’ve helped a number of personal trainers over the years and I’ll be putting all that experience into this new course/mastermind-group.

Facilitator: Podcasts / Interviews

To get a feel for some of the material that we’ll cover, check out my conversations in these podcasts:

Spartan Up! (You can listen to the podcast or watch the video)


Fit Man Collective:


MI365 podcast:



Here’s what Nigel, one of the personal trainers that I’ve worked with, has to say:

“Drop the inner game! Get clear about why you became a personal trainer, otherwise your clients will sense the bullshit. Being real is how you become a true success as a personal trainer because your clients have real challenges. Be the clarity they need.”

Here’s a testimonial from personal trainer Alex Beard:



Co-facilitator: Paul Harrild

I’ll be running this group in conjunction with Paul Harrild. Paul has been in the fitness industry for the last seventeen years, with experience ranging from Gym management, training special populations (clients with medical conditions such as GP referrals and Cardiac rehab) and working in a commercial gym.

Paul’s freelance Personal Training business took off ten years ago and he has trained countless one-to-one clients in that time. Paul’s has dealt with a range of complex cases including, co dependent clients, obsessive types and even a stalker. During this time he was always willing to help other PTs start their own businesses and acted as a mentor to them.

Nowadays Paul deals with a smaller amount of intensive clients and busy online training and nutrition service. He has noticed that whenever he worked on himself, the clients he saw or attracted would change for the better, and thus Personal Development for Personal Trainers was born.

Find out more about Paul at his website:




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Personal development for Personal trainers

Personal Development for Personal Trainers

WHEN: Tuesdays 2:30pm – 4:30pm (starts 4th July)
WHERE: Central YMCA, 112 Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 3NQ (Tottenham Court Road tube)

I’m more content in life. What Kenny did was to help me be who I am, instead of who I thought I was. Alex, 32

Personal Trainer


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