Personal Discovery

who are you?

Who are you, really?

Why is your life exactly as it is right now?

Do you feel like you’re stuck in an old groove? Trapped between a rock and a hard past, struggling to make any changes?

Well that’s all about to change with what you’re about to read on this page. How? By learning that nothing happens by accident.

Everything that happens in your daily reality is a reflection of what’s going on on the inside. I’ll help you find the key to your awareness and unlock your potential. As we update your beliefs from your core, your life will transform.

My biggest gift is to read between the lines to spot life’s messages, patterns, and the opportunities that are knocking on your door. I’ll help you get the message and show you how to do it yourself.

You will be empowered to navigate the signs and temptations that life brings, as you get authentic with who you truly are and why you are here. Life will shift from just surviving, to truly living.

Whether you seek:

  • A more satisfying career
  • More fulfilling relationships
  • Purpose
  • Passion
  • Personal power
  • Good health and abundance

I believe that awareness is the key.

Put simply, when you truly know where you’ve come from, you can consciously choose where you go.

Personal Discovery

In a Personal Discovery session we don’t make an unnecessary meal of the past. Instead, we understand it, get the message and move on. You will unlearn the past and move on, so that you can truly be in the present.

You will gain insights from your past to fuel your future. You can consciously release limiting beliefs and patterns, allowing you to live beyond things that might be currently blocking your life.

But how do you begin your journey? How do you ‘do’ self-awareness?

The starting point is to download the Personal Discovery Questionnaire (PDQ). It contains questions about your past that will help us identify patterns and strong influences in your life. Completing a PDQ before we meet can save many hours of session work because I can quickly identify possible problem areas and possible causes so we are ready to urn things around once we meet. (Sessions are available online or in person.).

If you can’t or don’t want to complete the PDQ before we meet, then we can talk things through during our session and allow things to unfold naturally within our dialogue.

In a personal Discovery session you will gain insights, tools and techniques empowering you to be more aware in the present and make better choices towards your desired outcomes.

You will make conscious choices for a peaceful present and a brighter future, way beyond past restriction.

The big question is: are you ready to unlock your full potential?

If you don’t know whether to book a Personal Discovery session, or a Voice Dialogue session, then just book a Personal Discovery and I’ll sort it out once I’ve found out what your goals are. Personal Discovery sessions are usually for first-timers and Voice Dialogue sessions are usually for people who have been before and want to have another session to deal with a specific issue.

“Kenny was able to deal with the most terrifying, shameful and hurtful episodes of my past and contained them safely while coming from a compassionate, open heart. Kenny felt like the custodian of the key to my door of awareness. He gently allowed me to shine a light on my belief systems, what was keeping me stuck and the pay-off for being stuck. The work was intense, sometimes tough, enjoyable and truly effective.”

AR, 27


What you receive:

  • Fully evaluated Personal Discovery Questionnaire.
  • Emails for clarity and focus, so we’re ready for your turn-around session.
  • Your recorded Personal Discovery Session for you to refer back to any time.
  • Awareness about yourself, your life, your purpose, all your questions answered!
  • Two weeks of free email support, to get you comfortably on your conscious path.

I was like a big kid, I could not believe the changes that were taking place in my life for the better, that was such an amazing turning point in my life. I knew then that nothing would be the same again. During the many years we’ve known each other you have given me sound information, tell me how it is, challenging behaviours when need be and also giving enough time and space to think things through when difficult situations arise. You really get it, even before I think I get it. You have a gift that enables you to tune into people and understand their concerns. Coming from past dark places, it was worth taking the risk for the best-to-come years awakening in my life.

LP, 42

Health & Lifestyle Entrepreneur


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