I turn unconscious lives of survival into creative lives of passion. From "Am I?" to "I am".

People often meet me at a crossroads in their lives. At a loss or in emotional crisis lacking adequate tools, community or awareness to ‘deal with it like a man’. Either that, or they’re a success story and even through everything is crossed off their bucket lists, something deeper is stirring inside that wants to come alive. I ask the right questions and help things authentically fall together. Then the pennies drop and you become your own authentic man.

Before I tell you how I do this, I’d like to tell you why I do it. This comes from personal experience.

I came from dramatic beginnings: death threats, refugee camps, paternal abandonment, maternal enmeshment, childhood mental health issues and racism.

I moved to London and became a high-flying adrenaline junkie. Tight deadlines, extreme sports, anything that might distract me from the pain and emptiness I held deep within.

I realised that in order to free myself, I had to own my shadows and release the depressed ‘pause buttons’ from the past that kept me stuck in the same old story.

So I sat with my shadows and unlearned my limiting stories, turning addictive adrenaline into an enlivening endorphin buzz that I calmly share with my clients.

Previously, I worked in development in Fiji, co-ran a natural health centre in Sydney, worked with Mother Teresa’s in Calcutta whilst adventuring around the world. I followed life’s signs, resisted testing temptations and joined the jet-set island hopping seekers-of-the-truth as I unravelled what I carried within. My ‘accepted outsider’ experiences were a real gift. The cultures and classes I mixed in had vastly different tribal rules, ways of being, belief systems and outcomes. I got to truly know people across the board and really understand what makes different people tick. I certainly got to know myself as I took part and constantly adjusted my boundaries and beliefs in the face of new experiences. Life kept showing me where I was stuck and I discovered how to release the ‘depressed pause buttons’ as I turned it around. I taught myself to be present and respond in the moment. I sat with my shadows and unlearned my limits. I love to pass on my simple tools and techniques. I’m proud to belie the notion that men don’t willingly speak about ourselves. I work one-on-one, with business / life partners and hold the space for men’s groups. We turn our lives around.

Kenny D’Cruz was eight years old when his father took a phone call at his family home saying ‘we’re going to come and kill you tonight.’

“My father was declared an enemy of the state by Idi Amin’s Secret Service in 1972. He made a joke about the phone call” Kenny recalls, “but the rest of us, our blood went cold. They phoned straight back, saying ‘we’re not joking, we’re coming to kill you tonight.’ I was the only one who cried. The others were in shock. I was an aware child and I knew what was going on.”


My values are at the heart of who I am and how I operate in the world.

They help me interact in the world and give me a grounding to live a happier, fuller life.

If we value the same things, let’s explore your needs to see if I might help you get them met.

Confidentiality: Discretion is my middle name. My work is built on absolute confidentiality, held with sensitivity and delivered with appropriate challenge and care.*

Open-mindedness: I respect your experiences, history and fantasies about what has been and what may be.

Totality: I live and work holistically, accepting your whole history, truth and life situations. I am interested in your perspectives and your reality of your experience.

Inclusivity: I accept who you are, the colour of your skin and the clothes on your back. I am excited about who’s inside you and how we might bring him more alive in the world.

Respect: I treat you how I wish to be treated by you: with respect, dignity and unconditional acceptance.

Honesty and Integrity: I keep my word. I live my truth. Honest and fair. I hold a safe space for you to uncover who you are, beyond expectation, projection or limit. Then I leave.

Empowerment: Our work is not about me, it’s about you. Knowing yourself and independently growing into your potential. Being the best that you can be, in your life.

Authenticity: I walk my talk. I own my story. I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Passion: My life’s work is what I love sharing in the world. I am passionate about turning the unconscious into the conscious, in the moment, aware and free. From ‘am I?’ to “I am”.

Availability: I’m just an email, text or call away. I respond to my clients within 24 hours, though new enquiries may take a little longer. I facilitate your empowerment, then leave.

Open Communication: I speak from the heart. I own what I say. I am present and connected. I enquire about your story and know when to be still. I ask lots of question as you explore.

Attitude: I appreciate the simple moments of life and celebrate that which too often gets ignored. I live beyond judgement and connect with open enquiry.

Fun: I love to laugh and stay real. Who said personal development has to be heavy and drag on? My adventurous spirit brings fun and efficiency over unnecessary processing.

Grounded and Actionable: I believe in work that has stable foundations in reality and is easily measureable. I help ground notions and bring dreams into reality.

Financial Abundance: I enjoy being paid well for what I’m good at. I love the stability, invest in projects and enjoy creative expressions.

Love: Most of all, I am love. That which connects me to myself, to everyone else, to the essence of nature and my relationship to ‘all that is’. I am available to life.

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