where I come from, inside

My values are at the heart of who I am

My values are at the heart of who I am and how I operate in the world.

They help me interact in the world and give me a grounding to live a happier, fuller life.

If we value the same things, let’s explore your needs to see if I might help you get them met.

Confidentiality: Discretion is my middle name. My work is built on absolute confidentiality, held with sensitivity and delivered with appropriate challenge and care.*

Open-mindedness: I respect your experiences, history and fantasies about what has been and what may be.

Totality: I live and work holistically, accepting your whole history, truth and life situations. I am interested in your perspectives and your reality of your experience.

Inclusivity: I accept who you are, the colour of your skin and the clothes on your back. I am excited about who’s inside you and how we might bring him more alive in the world.

Respect: I treat you how I wish to be treated by you: with respect, dignity and unconditional acceptance.

Honesty and Integrity: I keep my word. I live my truth. Honest and fair. I hold a safe space for you to uncover who you are, beyond expectation, projection or limit. Then I leave.

Empowerment: Our work is not about me, it’s about you. Knowing yourself and independently growing into your potential. Being the best that you can be, in your life.

Authenticity: I walk my talk. I own my story. I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Passion: My life’s work is what I love sharing in the world. I am passionate about turning the unconscious into the conscious, in the moment, aware and free. From ‘am I?’ to “I am”.

Availability: I’m just an email, text or call away. I respond to my clients within 24 hours, though new enquiries may take a little longer. I facilitate your empowerment, then leave.

Open Communication: I speak from the heart. I own what I say. I am present and connected. I enquire about your story and know when to be still. I ask lots of question as you explore.

Attitude: I appreciate the simple moments of life and celebrate that which too often gets ignored. I live beyond judgement and connect with open enquiry.

Fun: I love to laugh and stay real. Who said personal development has to be heavy and drag on? My adventurous spirit brings fun and efficiency over unnecessary processing.

Grounded and Actionable: I believe in work that has stable foundations in reality and is easily measureable. I help ground notions and bring dreams into reality.

Financial Abundance: I enjoy being paid well for what I’m good at. I love the stability, invest in projects and enjoy creative expressions.

Love: Most of all, I am love. That which connects me to myself, to everyone else, to the essence of nature and my relationship to ‘all that is’. I am available to life.

Think we’d be a good fit for each other? Then let’s make contact.


*I am obliged to inform the police should I believe that you, or someone around you is in danger.

Think we’d be a good fit for each other?

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