what makes men tick?

I blow the whistle on what makes men tick, in simple lay(wo)man language. I meet men in bloke-town, honestly communicating as we please, exploring shadows and stories – without making a meal of it.

Check out my videos page to see how I come across on TV, then close your eyes to hear how I come across on radio.

I’ve been on TV, radio, in the press and I previously wrote regular columns for lifestyle and local magazines. Now, I’m ripe to do some more…

‘Newsweek’ recently wrote ‘The Man Whisperer’ chapter about me in their new eBook, supporting their cover story article that carried my quote. ‘The Daily Express’ dubbed me ‘Coach, consultant and guru of all things men…’ and I’m sworn to secrecy about an impending appearance on Channel 4!

I was interviewed by New York Times best-selling authors John Gerzema and Michael D’Antonio for The Athena Doctrine: How Women (and the men who think like them) Will Rule The Future’. Ex-Minister for Women Jo Swinson MP interviewed me for Equal Power: Gender Equality and How To Achieve It. Consciousness leader Marianne Williamson gave me a special thanks in her book Illuminata for my contributions.

The bottom line is I make things personal. Real, sometimes raw, always personal. I turn statistics and surveys into first hand experiences and real life stories, always protecting identities. Our life stories can transform because of this.

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. Interviews

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. I come alive in front of a mic and am confident before cameras.


I’m growing younger! The glasses pictures (left) were taken in March 2015, aged 50 ½; where the blazer shot was taken in March 2012. I blog daily about my GAPS nutrition programme adventures.

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“The positive results were immediate. My phone hardly stopped ringing. Quotes I had made months before were coming back as commissions. It was a turning point and a lot of opportunities have presented themselves since (my consultation).”




“Consultant, coach and guru of all things men.”


“He is a gentle voice in the ears of the many men who come to him for help with life – a man whisperer “

“The man helping mankind reshape their lives and worlds.”



Want to know how I can help improve the lives of your readers?

Media comment / Columns / Interviews / Editorial commissions / I come alive in front of a mic and I’m clear before cameras


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