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Personal Discovery Testimonials

“I was in despair, my life was not working and I was sad and miserable. I lived a pretend life that was painful and without direction. Kenny came into my life with a whirlwind of new possibilities, positive growth and change. Kenny became my window to a world I had not seen. His natural, intuitive and psychic insight made me a little wary at first. Once I opened up and trusted great change happened in every part of my life. Kenny has a knack of deeply seeing who you are, where you have been and possibly where you are going. He has tools and life experience to help you create a major shift of consciousness to great change. Kenny walks his talk and this has been proven hundreds of times. I’ve witnessed it over and over! Behind Kenny’s critique there is always loving candour and deep caring wisdom.”

AC, 48


“I was suicidal. Self-harming, binge drinking and in a very bad, dark place when I met Kenny. I truly felt that dying must be better than living! Kenny believed in me and helped me get back on my feet. Today I have two beautiful children and a life that I could never have imagined back then.”

SW, 39


My session was so open, straightforward, natural, truthful and uplifting. Kenny simply, but analytically explained the cycle I was stuck in and I know the next step to take and feel I have gained the deep insight and new courage to do this. The timing is perfect and I am really grateful to my friend for guiding me to Kenny.

YY, 35


I had a major breakthrough unraveling the conflicting, confusing, frustrating voices in my head that were previously like a noisy ball of string tying me in knots. I feel clearer than I have for months and was freed up to move forward in my life, though I had no idea what a Voice Dialogue session entailed before my session with Kenny. (A by-product of this work was achieving a life-long ambition of white-collar boxing in a professional ring, where after rigorous training I achieved a knock-down in the first round, then won the match!) The session was recorded and it continues to provide powerful insights.

CM, 33


Voice Dialogue Testimonials

“Going through a major life change in all aspects of my life I was very disillusioned with traditional therapeutic experiences. Deciding enough was enough, I approached Kenny to work with him on a one-to-one basis and the experience was excellent. Kenny showed tremendous respect avoiding all the exasperating stereotypical therapy clichés. Kenny is truly holistic in his approach to his work and tremendously insightful and skilled, understanding my story very quickly. Kenny’s help has been priceless. Kenny helped me achieve in one day what traditional therapeutic and superficial / personal development fads failed to achieve in several years.”

JB, 35

Public Relations

I identified the mask I was wearing, which I called Light Mark, the nice Mark, the well-adjusted Mark who also overspent and treated himself to gifts to make up for being so bloody amenable all the time, who when under pressure got up to all sorts of high jinx that he felt ashamed of in order to make himself feel good. I blamed these times of Dark Mark, the wilful, horny man who likes warmth and body comfort and excitement. Kenny helped me flesh him out during a wonderful four hour Voice Dialogue session. Kenny is a truly skilled professional. He is skilful, insightful and calm. It became apparent very quickly that this other side to me was far richer, warmer, more creative and also braver, not afraid of standing up for himself and fighting back if necessary. In short, Dark Mark has become dominant and now uses the Light Version of myself when socially necessary …after all, we all need to be charming sometimes.”

MJ, 53


Transformation Game Testimonials

“Who would have thought that a simple looking board-game would turn into an odyssey of my inner reality – exploring the nature of my pain and pleasures, my aspirations, my career and relationships? Learning as I went around the board, not just from my turn but from the journeys of all players, Kenny guided me through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of me. And once the game was over, I felt blissfully aware of where I’ve been, who I am and what I want. Thank you for hearing and encouraging me, asking me all the right questions and making it so much fun!”

SP-C, 33

Personal Brand Consultant

“Playing the Transformation Game with Kenny has been without doubt transforming! If you are looking for insight into your life and tools to help shift energy that enables you to go beyond what you thought possible, I cannot recommend this game and Kenny highly enough. Having Kenny to share my journey has been a blessing. I felt safe and nurtured, which considering I did not know him at the start of the game shows his depth, sincerity and desire for you to shine and truly life your life path.”

MS, 47


As husband and wife going through major life change, we were feeling stuck and lost. Playing the Transformation Game with Kenny was a revelation for us as individuals and as a couple. Who would have thought that playing a board game would help us face ourselves, deal with ourselves, our blocks, our deep issues and move on. Our lives have been transformed! Our eternal gratitude goes to Kenny who remained patient, totally focused on us, holding the space (with valuable humour) for us to change and meet ourselves. He is highly skilled, deeply insightful, very compassionate and committed to positive results for his clients.  Only a person like Kenny who truly gives a damn about his clients can reach out and meet them like he does and help make change on so many levels.

Mr & Mrs B, 30 Something

“Kenny’s men’s groups provide a rare gift: a space where we can speak, listen and share, free from the need to posture, compare and compete. What a shame we have to come to Kenny’s sessions to allow ourselves permission to do something so simple and yet so brave!”

JM, 52

Civil Servant

Men’s Groups Testimonials

“Eight years ago I was looking for a space to be with other men. I had found my world becoming increasingly female dominated working in a team comprised almost all of females and with a female partner and daughter at home. That’s when I came across Kenny’s MenSpeak men’s groups on the internet and barring a six month break, I have been attending a monthly open or closed group since. I am almost always touched by and engaged with the authenticity, acceptance and challenge that men bring to the groups. It’s not all deep and meaningful stuff – there’s plenty of humour and irreverence too. As a psychologist and therapist for many years, I have plenty of experience of therapy and I reckon Kenny as a great mentor – a guy who walks his talk and have witnessed him guiding many men through their journey in his own unique way.

TB, 49

Psychologist / Therapist

“Following my wife separating fro meI read Steve Biddulph’s ‘Manhood’, which introduced me to possibilities of growth in men’s groups. Through Kenny’s groups I have changed a great deal for the better. My relationship with my ex-wife is very good, I am a lot more relaxed father to my son, I’m more authentic in my life, I have close friendships with other MenSpeak men, I have reduced the dose of my psychoactive medication by 50% over a moderated period (after taking it since my 20s), I have moved from a stale, draining job to an exciting and meaningful one and I am enjoying my social life because I am no longer pretending to be what I am not. The groups have been enormously powerful for me compared to the one-to-one work that I did with a psychiatrist / psychologist – which proved unaffordable. By hearing other men’s, often deep, personal stories, I have realized that I am not so different from other people: other men do stupid things, get scared, get angry and are vulnerable. As vulnerable as women.”

NJ, 45


“I first attended Kenny’s men’s group in August 2014, and was warmly greeted by a friendly bunch of men sitting in a circle. After several group questions, I started to relax and felt more connection. Each man expressed themselves with the encouragement of the group and Kenny made it safe for others to follow. Kenny’s sharp wit and guidance eased the group tension if things got heavy. Definitely the best led men’s group in London.

AC, 55

Graphic Designer

Business Testimonials

“Kenny has an uncanny knack of getting to the root of the problems surround me, whether it be in a professional capacity, or in the areas of my personal life that impact the rest of my life. But it’s not a case of observing problems and forcing solutions, he has taken the time to really get to know me, so each problem is offered a solution that is tailored to my needs and situation and he offers detailed practical steps that I can start implementing to immediately improve my situation. He has helped me identify the breakdowns in communication in key relationships and helped me come up with ways of repairing them. He’s also allowed me to really think big and picture what future outcomes I would really like to happen and helped me put the steps in place, allowing me to make changes that not only did I not think were practical, but also changes that I didn’t think were possible!”

JH, 34


“I had put my main business, a consultancy, on ice while I got involved in a start-up telecoms company. I was thrown into the deep end to deal with forces that were outside my confidence zone – I was lied to, cheated, stolen from, manipulated and challenged to the core of my value system. I survived to tell the tale and it was just after I returned to the shell of my consultancy that I met Kenny. I had a few meagre clients left, one loyal member of staff, no money in the bank and low self-esteem. Not a good place from which to start.

Kenny suggested that I undertake a review. He came to see us and in the course of a conversation picked up enough to enable him to recommend changes.

As a businessman I would ask, “So what happened next?” In the months that Kenny arrived our turnover was £7,000. The following month our turnover was £34,000 – a x5 increase. Within two weeks of the review we won a client with a value of £100,000 and more business with a current client worth £40,000. I have decided to change some of the consultants that I am working with, change the name of the company and have more fun being more energized in my work. Within a few days of Kenny’s review my most loyal staff member resigned and I have now found a replacement, who is better qualified and less expensive.”

TC, 51


Kenny is a remarkable individual. Particularly able, capable and naturally gifted in his areas of expertise. I trust him, I trust his abilities, I trust his integrity, and he is on my side. Whether seeking advice and guidance on marketing and promoting my business or equally, advice and guidance on my personal life, on my self-development, it is Kenny that has so often pointed me, helped me move in the right direction. Kenny is never standing still in his life, he moves forward; if you need to move forward I strongly recommend having a word with him.

DF, 46

Rehabilitation Therapist




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