Voice Dialogue

what’s running your life?

Which part of you is in the driving seat of your life? Does the same part control the accelerator? What about the brakes and steering wheel?

Voice Dialogue is a powerful technique, created by Drs Hal and Sidra Stone, where you’ll get to know and work with the different parts of yourself to find out who or what is running your life. (It’s not Gestalt, it’s similar to Big Mind and has little to do with multiple personality disorder).


How Does It Work?

I dialogue directly with some of your many sub-personalities, the inner parts of you, some of which you might not be aware of. They simply respond to me and things unfold from there. As your inner-committee, or ‘the troops’ show up for our parade, sometimes for the first time, you sit amongst them and you can better direct your life forward from an aware, balanced position, with clarity and confidence.

I’ll find out what’s been fuelling your behaviour, who’s dictating your outcomes and who really is mapping out your future.


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Some common examples of dominant sub-personalities are:

  • People-pleasing little boy: Afraid of abandonment and criticism. Never quite grows into his own man. Neglects his own potential. Too busy being responsible for everyone’s emotions and his position of ‘safety’ to truly take responsibility as his own man.
  • Bully: The control-freak rebel who manages to remain disconnected and isolated from those around him. Poor guy just wants to be liked and accepted, but his defences are impenetrable and as he grows older people suffer his behaviour (and failures) less.
  • The Analysing Critic: Secretly criticises everyone and everything, especially himself. This leads to over-justifications and over-performances just so people understand everything. Anxiety is kept at the edge of manageability. Safe in the victim club!
  • The Able Man: Previously squeezed out by a boy in panic, a surviving saviour, or a troubled teen. Embodying this man – who has possibly been waiting in the wings for a while – brings him to the fore so he can take place and relieve panic from the others with “It’s ok” as he leads from the front.
  • The Rebellious Rascal: This guy might show up in times of stress or pressure to avoid commitment, success or anything that might spoil his fun! When he shows up, all havoc can break lose. Like the others, he has a message and a gift and needs some air-time in order to pass it on.

Do any of those sound like you? I wonder who pulls your strings?

Often it’s your public personality who people are faced with, while the others stay hidden for ‘special occasions’, while they quietly run your life.

With this new perspective you’ll be able to balance inner conflict and move beyond ‘being in two minds’ to a balanced evaluation and conscious choice.

“I had a major breakthrough unraveling the conflicting, confusing, frustrating voices in my head that were previously like a noisy ball of string tying me in knots. I feel clearer than I have for months and was freed up to move forward in my life, though I had no idea what a Voice Dialogue session entailed before my session with Kenny. (A by-product of this work was achieving a life-long ambition of white-collar boxing in a professional ring, where after rigorous training I achieved a knock-down in the first round, then won the match!) The session was recorded and it continues to provide powerful insights.”

CM, 33


Here’s how it works…

  • Hourly: £200
  • Hourly £150 if you book 12 hours
  • Recorded sessions + 2 weeks back-up

What you receive:

  • Fully evaluated Voice Dialogue Questionnaire.
  • Emails for clarity sake of outcomes during your session.
  • Your recorded Voice Dialogue Session for you to refer back to any time.
  • Awareness about your dominant and submissive sub-personalities and how to balance them for a smoother life!
  • Two weeks of free email support, as you get used to a different perspective on life.


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