Transformation Game

how do you play the game of life?


What if I told you there was a simple board game you can play, just like Monopoly®, with the power to completely change your life?

You’d probably scoff and say there’s no such thing. Well, there is! It’s been played since the 1970s by thousands of people throughout the world.

The Transformation Game, is a cross between the most accurate psychic reading and a bespoke personal development workshop designed around you. It meets you where you are, right here and right now. The insights gained are life-changing: past players have reported that listening to their recordings have provided far deeper understanding of themselves, as they consciously take part in their daily lives and achieve dream outcomes.

It’s played one-on-one, with a romantic or business partner, or in a small group with me as your facilitator. Your Game begins as you choose your Personal Playing Focus. Here are some examples:

  • ”I intend to release my fear of intimacy.”
  • “I intend to clarify my life purpose.”
  • “How can I know and remove my blocks to financial prosperity?”
  • “I want to know and release my blocks that might hinder my marriage.”
  • “How can I fairly resolve this stuck issue with my business partner?”



How To Play

You then fill your Personal Unconscious Envelope from the decks of cards including specific Angels, Insights and Setbacks. This is what’s in your unconscious when you are born into your unique game of life.

You start on the Physical Level and begin to move along your life-path by rolling a dice, moving along a series of squares and responding to the many options that life will bring. I will guide you through the game. The game will feedback on your choices in life, so you get crystal clear on how to play your game of life beyond the board.

Pain slows you down, as it is in life. It’s cleared with specific awareness, from cards and tokens. There are ‘snakes’ and ‘ladders’, trials and transformations.

We explore the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual areas of your life gaining universal feedback, using your free will, giving and receiving blessings and even experiencing miracles.


  • Hourly: £200
  • Hourly £150 if you book 12 hours
  • Recorded sessions + 2 weeks back-up
The Transformation Game

What you receive:

  • A starter pack with rules (FYI), though you simply show up and play, as I facilitate.
  • Guidelines to prepare your Personal Playing Focus for your game, with notes and examples.
  • Emails for clarity on your Personal Playing Focus, so on meeting we are ready to roll.
  • Your recorded Transformation Game for you to refer back to any time.
  • Awareness about how you play your game of life, and how you might change it for ideal outcomes.
  • Two weeks of free email support, as you appreciate your game and live life to the full.
Kenny is an accredited Transformation Game facilitator

Playing the Transformation Game with Kenny was an incredible experience. The Game guided us to all the places that I was stuck in my life. We sat with them, understood them and transcended them. Everything was put in simple, clear perspective. After the first evening’s play I saw my matrix being reconfigured in my dreams. In our next session I witnessed who I want to be. I felt him and I was him. The real process began as I transcribed the recordings: that’s where I really found time to digest everything we’d explored. I found that which ever part of my Game I was transcribing, it was totally relevant to my current life situation, as I had begun playing out the patterns we’d discussed. As I transcribe I have been able to realign my subconscious and adjust my game of real life. A truly incredible experience that has allowed me to reconnect with and understand myself.

JM, 27

Portfolio Manager

The Transformation Game is a registered trademark ® 1986-2004 Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler, InnerLinks Inc. All rights reserved.

“As husband and wife going through major life change, we were feeling stuck and lost. Playing the Transformation Game with Kenny was a revelation for us as individuals and as a couple. Who would have thought that playing a board game would help us face ourselves, deal with ourselves, our blocks, our deep issues and move on. Our lives have been transformed! Our eternal gratitude goes to Kenny who remained patient, totally focused on us, holding the space (with valuable humour) for us to change and meet ourselves. He is highly skilled, deeply insightful, very compassionate and committed to positive results for his clients.  Only a person like Kenny who truly gives a damn about his clients can reach out and meet them like he does and help make change on so many levels.”

Mr & Mrs B, 30 Something


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