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‘Man Whisperer’

The Man Whisperer - Personal Development Consultant

Who are you? Why are you here? Where are you going? Want to get clear?


Personal Development The Man Whisperer

Personal Development Consultant : Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz

I share personal development, management & marketing tools to empower men to transform their lives and businesses.

‘He’s a gentle voice in the ears of the many men who come to him for help with life – he’s the man whisperer.’

The Man Whisperer

Want to know who you really are? You’ve come to the right place. I provide practical steps to empower you to turn around any issues, relationships and opportunities that have dominated your life. I’ll help you see the bigger picture of your life so that you can truly understand your past and transform your future.

I share insights and simple tools for daily life and I can work with you in a private consultations or as part of a mens group (in London or online).

By the time you’ve finished your journey with me, you’ll own your story, rather than your story owning you. You’ll have the awareness and tools to consciously embody your potential and calmly live your life with an open heart, a quiet mind and feet firmly on the ground.

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Kenny is the man’s man who gets to the heart of a guy’s issues. He talks frankly and open-heartedly to rebuild broken spirits and to give men the space they need not to hide their fears with a smokescreen “Wallace-type smile in front of the rage” but to go through the darkness. His humorous, easy spirit provides an empathetic place for men of all ages to open up to this “shadow” self that (otherwise) leads to despair.

Personal Discovery

Who Are You?

Uncover the best of who you really are and embody your potential.


Men’s Groups

Do You Want To Become A Better Man?

We get real, laugh, listen and grow together. Self-awareness is the key.


Voice Dialogue

What’s Running Your Life?

Meet, and consciously work with the conflicting parts inside of you.


Management Consultancy

Is Your Business Conscious And Delivering Results?

Getting the results that matter to you, aligned with your vision & values.


Transformation Game

How Do You Play The Game Of Life?

A simple board game, empowering you to totally transform your life.


Upcoming Special Events

Nov 19th – MenCelebrate (Intern­ational Men’s Day) men’s group around an open fire

Come celebrate with us More info…

Dec 2nd – MenFacilitate : How to Facilitate a Men’s Group ( SOLD OUT )

If you’d like to facilitate your own men’s group, professionally or in your own community, then join us for our full day MenFacilitate workshop led by Kenny, a men’s life coach with over two decades of experience facilitating groups. More info…

Jan 6th – MenFacilitate : How to Facilitate a Men’s Group

If you’d like to facilitate your own men’s group, professionally or in your own community, then join us for our full day MenFacilitate workshop led by Kenny, a men’s life coach with over two decades of experience facilitating groups. More info…

Other Upcoming Events

Men’s Groups

Men’s groups are held regularly, several times every month, in London and online More info…

Nov 24th-26th – BAM festival – Guest appearances

I’m totally chuffed to have been invited to present at the BAM festival again this year!
– Fri 12pm-1pm: I’ll be on a panel discussing Emotional Rescue: Men, Suicide and Mental Health More info…
– Fri 12pm-1pm: Fri 2pm-3pm: I’ll be giving a 15 minute presentation on men’s groups, with a couple of MenSpeak men More info…
– Sat 6pm-7pm: I’ll be part of Huutajat, the screaming men’s choir from Finland! More info…

Every Wednesday – Wednesday@One

Every Wednesday at 1pm Kenny shoots a live video on facebook. Tune in and post a comment if you have a question or want Kenny to talk about something.
Like the facebook page…

Personal Development for Personal Trainers

On Tuesday afternoons (starts 4th July) I run an ongoing course/mastermind for personal trainers.

While I’ll be the main facilitator, I’m very pleased to have as my co-facilitator, Paul Harrild, a successful personal trainer.

The focus will be on the psychological issues involved with being a personal trainer and how those issues affect your personal wellbeing and the success of your business. This is a mix of course and mastermind-group. There will be a structure with planned topics, but that structure will be flexible so that we can respond to the needs of the participants, and handle the real life issues that you may be encountering at the time.

Participants will gain:

  • greater awareness and understanding of the issues, as well as
  • tips and strategies for dealing with them,

so that they can become better, more successful personal trainers and happier people.

Read more…


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