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Who are you? Why are you here? Where are you going? Want to get clear?



Personal Development Consultant : Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz

I share personal development, management & marketing tools to empower men to transform their lives and businesses.

‘He’s a gentle voice in the ears of the many men who come to him for help with life – a man whisperer.’


Do you want to know who you really are? If you do, you’ve come to the right place.

On this site you will find practical steps to empower you to turn around any issues, relationships and opportunities that have dominated your life.

You will learn to truly know and transform your story as the bigger picture of your life is revealed.

By the time you’ve finished your journey with me, you will own your story, rather than your story owning you. You will have the awareness and tools to consciously embody your potential.

I share insights and simple tools for daily life. You can calmly live your life with an open heart, a quiet mind and feet firmly on the ground.

If you want to know more about who I am to offer this to you, head over to my About Me page and find out more.

I have grown; in many ways I myself, and the people that knew the ‘old’ me, would have thought impossible. I attribute this to Kenny. Kenny asks the right questions and I tell the truth. As the global representative for the phrase ‘the truth shall set you free’, Kenny has unshakingly demonstrated it to be… well… the truth! Kenny has a gift of awareness, and he loves to share it.

KP, 30


Personal Discovery

Who Are You?

Uncover the best of who you really are and embody your potential.


Men’s Groups

Do You Want To Become A Better Man?

We get real, laugh, listen and grow together. Self-awareness is the key.


Voice Dialogue

What’s Running Your Life?

Meet, and consciously work with the conflicting parts inside of you.


Management Consultancy

Is Your Business Conscious And Delivering Results?

Getting the results that matter to you, aligned with your vision & values.


Transformation Game

How Do You Play The Game Of Life?

A simple board game, empowering you to totally transform your life.


My Wings Got Singed On My Flight For Fame

Last month my best friends and I gathered around a TV set and watched ourselves die! Not literally, but our egos took a bashing as our shadows were paraded on Channel 4’s Cutting Edge documentary ‘The Secret Life of The Pub’. We were asked to reveal what’s... read more

My Wife Married a Ni**er!

Kenny D’Cruz shares how his honeymoon took an unexpected turn when he was racially abused in front of his new wife. “Did I call you a liar? At least I’m not a ni**er and I work for a living!” was my Italian wife’s first real racist ‘attack’, behind my back, from the... read more

Dirty Little Secrets: Men, Trauma, and Mental Health

Kenny D’Cruz was eight years old when his father took a phone call at his family home saying ‘we’re going to come and kill you tonight.’ “My father was declared an enemy of the state by Idi Amin’s Secret Service in 1972. He made a joke about the phone call” Kenny... read more

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